CUDES  2010

Authors Guidelines for Full Papers / Yazarlar için Tam Metin Yazım Kuralları


Accepted  papers either in English or Turkish will be published in IJOPEC Edited E-book. Papers should be submitted by email to  in MS Office Word format, 10 Punto Times New Roman, single and justified line (paragraph) mosty 10-12 pages.  APA style writting rules(footnote and referrences)  has to follow in all papers. Page margins has to be as following;

Kabul edilen tüm bildiriler Türkçe veya İngilizce olarak IJOPEC Uluslararası Editörlü E-Kitabında yayınlanacaktır. Çalışmalar MS Word dosyası olarak 10 punto Times New Roman fontu, tek satır, iki tarafa eşitlenmiş paragraf yapısı, ve en fazla 10-12 sayfa olarak hazırlanmış olarak adresine iletilmelidir. Dipnot ve kaynakça yazımında  tüm çalışmada APA yazım kurallarına uyulmalıdır. Sayfa yapısı aşağıdaki gibi olmalıdır;


  • Margins of A4  paper is as follow;    / A4 Boyutunda
  • Top / Üst Boşluk  : 5 cm
  • Bottom / Alt Boşluk:  3 cm
  • Left / Sol Kenar: 4 cm
  • Right / Sağ Kenar: 2 cm


  • Turkish manuscripts should contain “abstract” (not more than 350 words formatted as a one paragraph) in English. / Türkçe çalışmalar en fazla 350 kelime ve tek paragraf olarak düzenlenmiş İngilizce özet içermelidir.


  • Tables and figures should be numbered consecutively and titled. / Tablo ve şekiller sırayla numaralandırılmış ve isimlendirilmiş olmalıdır.


  • First page of papers must contain the following information: / Çalışmanın ilk sayfası aşağıdaki bilgileri içermelidir:
    1. The title of the manuscript / Çalışmanın başlığı (Türkçe çalışmalarda İngilizce başlık da eklenmelidir)
    2. The name of the author(s) / Yazar(lar)ın adı
    3. Institutional affiliation(s) of the author(s) / Yazar(lar)ın kurum bilgisi
    4. An abstract of not more than 350 words / En fazla 350 kelimelik özet
    5. An email address(es) of  author(s) / Yazar(lar)ın e-posta adresi


  • All references should be cited in the text (not in footnotes) by giving the last name of the author, year of publication, followed by, if necessary, reference to pages.


  • Some examples are: “… It has been argued (Mann, 1979: 76-8)”; “… Lieberman (1979: 35) states”; “… Leibenstein (1957a: 18-30; 1957 b:18-20)”; “… (Musgrave and Musgrave, 1976: 286)”; “… (Bulutay et al., 1976)”; “… (Thirlwall, 1973; Singh, 1975: 206)”


  • The page numbers for articles in periodicals and edited books must be indicated. References should appear as follows.


  • Books: FOROUTAN, F. (1996), “Turkey 1976-85: Foreign Trade, Industrial Productivity and Competition,” in Industrial Evolution in Developing Countries, Eds. M. J. Roberts and J. R. Tybout, A World Bank Book, Washington, pp. 1-64.


  • Periodicals: ŞENSES, F. (1991), “Turkey’s Stabilization and Structural Adjustment Program in Retrospect and Prospect”, The Developing Economies, XXIX-3, 210-234.


  • Collections: TAYMAZ, E. (1998), “Trade Liberalization and Employment Generation: The Experience of Turkey in the 1980s”, Economic Reforms, Living Standards, and Social Welfare Study (edited by Ana Revenga), Vol II Technical Papers, Washington, D.C.: World Bank.


  • The text has had the authors’ names removed. If an author is cited, “;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Author”;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; and year are used in the bibliography and footnotes, instead of author’s name, paper title, etc. The author’s name has also been removed from the document’s Properties, which in Microsoft Word is found in the File menu.


  • Submissions that do not satisfy these conditions will be sent back to authors for re-submission.It will be announce in soon here. Thanks for your understanding.